My Fourth Week of Heartbreak

Tuesday 20th:

So, it’s been a week since I’ve been at Heartbreak – what’s changed? The weather, for one thing. It’s 28 degrees in the office and the fans are out.

I was pleased to see that Maddy was in at 9.30, so I caught her before she ran off to do some work in Chester. Lovely Julia was in soon after and she caught me up on electrical and transportation dilemmas that had been cropping up through the week. Hectic!

I started the day by taking down messages off the answerphone, and calling people back with ticketing queries. Our new database seems to be charging certain people twice (nightmare), but it’s easily sorted and, fortunately, people are being very patient.

Email campaign

Email Campaign Schedule 

When Nicci got in, she let me send out an email campaign to our Sheffield segmentation to advertise our new venue there. I’ve got a lot quicker on the ol’ mailchimp now, so it didn’t take long. I was then given the task to create an excel spreadsheet that monitors ticket sales and tells you how many tickets have been sold week by week. This is very handy for marketing because we can see how much difference our promotions are making to ticket sales in each area.

Nicci and I had lunch outside on the patio which was lovely. She told me about her degree and her first few jobs which was all very exciting. She hoped that I was enjoying the experience, to which I said yes, and asked if there was a way I could get more out of the internship. I said that I still feel like I’m getting to grips with everything at the moment, but am looking forward to be given a more substantial project to oversee in the near future so I gain a greater sense of accomplishment.

A lot of numbers, and a few centigrade later, we called it quits on the day. Nicci was really pleased that we got the spreadsheet done (minus a few errors – it can get confusing when the same show is on more than once a day). I worry a lot when I make mistakes, but I am trying to remember that we need to slip up in order to learn. I hope Nicci doesn’t secretly hate me – she’s being very helpful and patient with me. I’m looking forward to an evening in the garden with a glass of wine, and to be coming back here on Thursday for some more Heartbreak marketing lessons off the Marketing genius. See you then.

In a nutshell:

  • Was very hot 
  • Sent out email campaigns to advertise new venue in Sheffield 
  • Had lunch on the terrace in the sun 
  • Created a week-by-week excel spreadsheet that tells us how many tickets are sold each week (helpful for marketing because we can pinpoint which campaigns and copy are boosting sales)


Thursday 22nd: 

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