My third week of Heartbreak

It’s just a one-day week for me this week at Heartbreak – it’s enrolment week at work (QA) and they’ve stolen me every day apart from Tuesday! 


  I managed to get the only straight-through train to leamington from Tamworth this morning and that was brilliant, it got me in with just enough time to grab a tea from costa. I might get the train in from now on because the leamington traffic is cr-a-zy. 



  I was first into the office at 9.30 and smugly let myself in with my new keys. I responded to emails that I knew the answer to (there were more than expected), forwarded others and started playing around on Mailchimp templates again. 

     Nicci was a busy lady when she got in, responding to queries and making calls. ‘I’ll be with you in a minute, I promise,’ she said, but I was happy to navigate my way around the press emails for an hour or two and practice my design skills. Hours pass like minutes on these sites – they’re worse than The Sims. 

    ‘Take a look at this,’ I said proudly to Nicci at midday. I had made an email template with a glorious picture of a packed performance in the jephson gardens with the tag line ‘the best in our field’ across it. The best in our field, get it? For an outdoor theatre company. Brilliant. 

     We have a set template to send out at Heartbreak, but it was a good experience to have a go at a few myself and get more familiar with the software. 

      In the afternoon, Nicci and I got our heads around the Email listings. It’s all to do with segmenting the heartbreak database into targeted audiences. We think we have cracked it now, so sending emails out in the future should be easier and less time-consuming. 

      The programmes for our production of Austen’s Northanger Abbey came in. Nicci was a bit disappointed with the purple colouring, but I thought they were fab. They looked like the old purple penguin classic books, slightly worn. A perfect companion piece to an Austen performance at a stately home. 


Northanger Abbey Programme 

     Leaving the office gone-five, Nicci and I agreed that – although we had been busy all day – we didn’t feel like we had accomplished much. Damn digital marketing and its lack of physical proof – we promised Maddy that all of our work is up in the cloud somewhere. 

    I’m disappointed to be having a whole week off before returning to the office, I hope I don’t forget everything in seven days. Pray for Becca. 

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