01/06/2017 – Day 2 of Heartbreak



A busy performance of Billionaire Boy


Tonight’s performance of Billionaire Boy was a busy one, with nearly 500 people in attendance. The main task of the evening was to make room for blankets around the front of the stage. ‘Excuse me there, do you mind if we move your pork pies and cheese twists over slightly?’ In the end – Pauline (a helpful volunteer) and I – managed to get everyone fitted in snugly. It made for a cosy evening! 

Sarah manned a bursting box office like a trouper, alongside last year’s intern (now FT Marketing Assistant) Emily, who was great to meet and looked like she knew her business. Earlier in the day she had done a workshop with a group of children, teaching them a dance routine that they showcased as part of our evening performance  – it may have been the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

Also on the cute list was a group of children I overheard in conversation on a bank of grass during the interval, asking each other encouragingly and inquisitively about each other’s religions. Isn’t it great how theatre brings us all together, and makes us confident and curious? 

Isn’t it great how theatre brings us all together, and makes us confident and curious? 

Despite telling me beforehand that his voice had gone a bit today, Darryl’s performance was, as usual, fabulous and fantastically funny. His interpretive dance sequence bagged the most laughs, with his elderly head teacher transformation a close second. The rest of the cast were equally entertaining, but didn’t inform me of any ailments and therefore don’t get a special mention. 



Darryl casually carrying a throne made out of loo roll above his head.


Midway through the second half, Gary, Sarah and I discussed how we can encourage program sales. Gary suggested attaching pieces of loo roll to the front. I wasn’t overly sold on the idea at first, but have since thought it could be quite cool to have secret messages from the cast written on said toilet roll paper. I can imagine the kids running around begging their parents for a silly message off each individual actor.

There’s not much more to say, other than it was another successful performance with no major dilemmas – especially now we own a key to the public toilets (hoorah). I can’t wait to get into the office next week and see what work’s lined up for me. 






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