Writing 1

Hello! I’m Rebecca Moore and this is my website: Page234.

This writing desk isn’t mine, but I did write at it, for one week, in Devon, in December, when it snowed (I know, right? How romantic?).

I am currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham, and all of my work towards that can be found here.

I am also Culture Print Editor at the University’s student newspaper, Redbrick, so I’ll be posting my (mostly theatre) reviews here, alongside photographs of the page designs we create for the printed newspaper every two weeks.

As graduation is just around the corner, I’m also going to be blogging about my quest to become a Literary Assistant at a theatre in London. I’m hoping that, by documenting my journey on here, I will stay motivated and never give up on my goal.

Keep Reading, Keep Writing, Keep Theatreing